The Best Tips for First Time Nature Photographers


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Who isn’t a fan of shows like Blue Planet and Planet Earth? David Attenborough’s excellent narration has released a passion for nature. Chances are, you have seen a photograph of wildlife that has captured your attention and taken your breath away. It may have even sparked an interest in taking your own photographs of wildlife. If you aren’t sure of where to start, use these tips for first time nature photographers:

Research and Plan Beforehand

We know that photography is probably just a hobby for you and that you don’t want to be doing homework before you go out. But with wildlife photography it is important. You don’t want to waste your time when you are out with your camera. Look at when the animals you want to picture are most active, where they go etc. and you will be able to get better photographs.

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Pack the Right Gear

Packing what you are going to take can be tough. On one hand you don’t want to not pack enough, on the other hand over packing will slow you down (meaning you might miss that important shot). Make sure that you have all the right gear for the climate you are travelling to. You don’t always have to have the most expensive equipment to take the best photographs.

Get a Good Backpack

Being comfortable is important as nature photographers. You will more than likely spend a lot of time manoeuvring through tough environments and waiting still. For this, you will want to make sure that all your equipment is safely and comfortably stored away. Shop around for the right backpack, and look at what other photographers are buying.

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Nature Photographers Need Comfortable Footwear

Much like the previous point. You are going to be spending time going through all sorts of environments. From swamps to hills – you are going to need a pair of boots that are able to withstand these conditions. Nothing is worse than a blister. When you are taking pictures of wildlife you want to be as calm as possible.

Bring a Tripod

You may think it’s better to leave behind because you are going to be walking a lot. But tripods can offer some of the best wildlife photography. They allow the camera and you to be still as possible, not interrupting the nature you are in. Animals will in turn be much more relaxed and go about their own business. After all, you want the most authentic photographs possible.

Ask Permission

If you are going to be on somebody’s land, you might need to ask permission beforehand. You don’t want to be hit by an angry landowner while you are trying to get some snaps. More often than not they will be welcoming to you, as long as you leave their land in the condition you found it.

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