Wire Shelves And Their Uses


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Wire Shelves is Shelving made up of wire mesh and is often used in industrial and commercial applications in order to store items. It is particularly favoured as it is scratch and rust resistant meaning its easy to maintain and poses less of a fire hazard than traditional shelving thanks to the holes in its structure. Wire shelves are also very affordable as well with cheaper smaller shelving coming in at around £30 which is cheaper than most of its counterparts and excellent value for money.


  • A benefit of Wire Shelves is that it is versatile meaning it can be used for a variety of different functions from storing food to industrial items or to transport items.
  • Another benefit is typically wire shelving is a lot less bulky and imposing than traditional wooden or plastic shelves. This benefits whoever is using it as they have more room to use within their premises without sacrificing storage space.
  • Fairly maintenance free meaning that it does not require a lot of work to maintain it as it is slow to deteriorate and is made of materials that are rust resistant
  • It can also be use to help organise wardrobes and fit outfits as well as shoes inside. This is an excellent use for the shelving as it is lightweight and can fit within cupboards.
  • Another benefit of this type of shelving as that it can be used as bookshelf to store books on. Not only does it look tidy and organised but in addition to this books will not gather dust due to the design of the wiring.
  • A further benefit is that this type of shelving can even be used in the boot of a car due to its lightweight and compact design.

Uses And Adaptations

Wire Shelves can be be used for a number of different purposes. One such purpose can be using it as a towel rack in the bathroom. This would prove beneficial as the metal cannot mould unlike wood and is rust resistant. In addition to this the condensation and damp from the towels would not affect the shelving in the way that it would mould wood.

Another potential use for shelving could be a car garage. In this kind of environment tools can be stacked on the shelf and they won’t accumulate dust as much as traditional shelving. Its also easier to spot and access tools stored on wire shelving in a well lit environment.

Alternatives To Wire Shelves

Outwith Wire Shelves there are a number of different alternatives which can be explored. One such alternative is a built in shelving system. Essentially a built in shelving system is shelving that is built into the existing space of your home in a corner of a room for example. These can be used to effectively use space that would normally be awkward to access and is an excellent storage opportunity.

Another alternative to Wire Shelves is floating shelving. Floating shelving is essentially shelving that looks like it is floating above a space and its fixed into place with screws into the wall. It can prove to be an excellent cosmetic and practical addition to any home.


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