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There are many factors that are taken into account when considering the quality of a photograph. These can vary from one critic to another. However, there are some characteristics which stand out. A good photograph can tell a story of a thousand words. For that reason, it’s so valuable when someone takes a high quality, emotive photo.

If you are an aspiring photographer, then we have curated some of the best tips for capturing your best photo yet.

Capturing Emotions

One of the best ways to give a photograph quality is to capture an emotion. Candid photos always communicate an individual’s personality better than a portrait. For that reason, a photographer should always be watching for people sharing a joke or a tear. These moments are the most powerful.

Good Photo

Contrasting Concepts

Having two juxtaposing concepts in one photo can be great for storytelling. Having a child next to an old woman, or a rundown house next to a new build. These are extremely contrasting ideas that pull at the heartstrings. They are made to make you think about situations and how opposites interact in the world.

Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a compositional rule that many photographers swear by. With the rule of thirds, you should make sure that the horizon lies at the line which would separate the bottom third of the photo from the top two. This makes for a well-balanced photograph. The concept is often also applied to posters, graphic design and filming.

A Change Of Perspective

An interesting idea for taking your next picture could be to change your perspective. Getting a different point of view on even the most mundane images can completely change the quality. Try taking photos from the ground up or from far above. The change of scenery will change your outlook. The change in dynamic between the photo’s subjects will also completely change the photo.

Good Photo


Most important, the dedication of the actual photographer. In order to get the best quality image, you often have to have ideas which are out of the box. You may need to chase your subject or you may need to climb to new heights to get the right angle. On top of that, you need to be committed to always improving and honing your skill. Photography is a beautiful art and being able to do it as a career is a blessing. Enjoy it!


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