Roles And Responsibilities Of Road Workers


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Evidently, the job of a road worker is to carry out work on roads. The types of tasks a road worker is tasked with include repairing, reconstructing, and resurfacing. These tasks are carried out by a number of road work companies. Road workers are key to keeping the roads safe for public drivers and pedestrians. Especially when harsh weather and wear and tear result in damage, these companies are heavily relied on.


Having a road resurfaced is a way to improve the appearance of your road. Typically, asphalt resurfacing adds a new layer of asphalt to an existing surface. This gives a road more grip and helps maintain the strength of the pavement.

Resurfacing involves several steps. First, the existing layer of asphalt is removed. The top layer is milled off, then a new layer of asphalt is applied. Then, a new base layer is added to prevent water damage. This is known as an overlay. Resurfacing projects often require lane closures. Contractors are also able to install street trees, sidewalks, and other utility features. However, these features may need to be reconstructed or adjusted.


Depending on the type of street you are looking at, a street reconstruction project could be in the works for years to come. Reconstruction is the process of replacing the surface of a road with a fresh coat of asphalt.

A street reconstruction project is usually a multi-faceted affair that involves multiple departments and agencies. This is not to say that it is difficult or expensive. In fact, a small town can expect to pay a hefty sum to a contractor. Generally, a major road reconstruction projects can take months to years to complete fully.

Qualifications For The Job

Depending on the type of road worker position you want to fill, you may need to obtain certain qualifications. Whether you work on state roads or for private companies, you will need to have a valid driver’s license and a high school diploma.

You will also need to have a Construction Induction Training Card (known as the White Card). This is issued by registered training organisations. During your training, you will learn how to operate different pieces of equipment. You will also learn about safety and first aid.

Career Opportunities

Whether you’re in the market for a job or simply looking to expand your horizons, a job in the road construction industry could be the ticket. With an impressive list of benefits to boot, employees are in for a treat.

The best part is that you don’t have to be an expert in the field to get started. In fact, the plethora of road construction companies makes it easy to find one that matches your personality and skill set.

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