Photography For Window Blinds In Glasgow


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We have recently been working with Casa Blinds – a window blinds company in Glasgow. They hired us to create beautiful imagery of their new season internet campaign. Imagery and video is far more engaging than word. Here is how we took the perfect photos for this campaign.


The famous DSLR, that almost all bloggers seem to have these days is one of the best cameras on the market. It can make any picture look incredible – however they can be quite pricey. With constantly improving technology even professional photographers are using their camera phones. However if you decide to use a camera phone make sure you capture the picture landscape and ensure the images you are taking aren’t blurry. There are hundreds of editing apps out there especially for you phone so you can easily lighten, sharpen and place a filter on the image without uploading it to Photoshop or Lightroom on your laptop.


window blinds company in glasgow

No matter what picture you are capturing lighting is one of the most important factors. Natural light is the most popular light to capture your image in to create the best possible photo. However we are here to emphasise the product and showcase what the product does – blinds keep light out. Avoid harsh sunlight and this can dim some aspects of the the image as well as cause sun streaks. Instead, make the most of all those cloudy grey days we get in the UK and capture the images of the blinds then. This will provide softer light that wrap around the blinds rather than shadow them out.

Interior Design

Essentially you are trying to make the product (window blinds) look its best. How the room is decorated is what will initially capture the audience. The first thing to look at would be is colour. Does the colour scheme of the room compliment the blinds? If not you may wish to change the room you’re working in or even change the blinds that you chose to photograph. Another important factor to consider is the cleanliness of the room. We don’t really need to expand our reasons for this do we?


window blinds company in glasgow

Photographers are one of the most imaginative creatives in the creative industry. Experiment with angles, especially if you have a large space to work with. Depending on the height or size with the window you can transform the image by what angle you decide to take the image from.

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