Amateur Photography: Top Tips for Beginners


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Are you someone that is passionate about photography but doesn’t know where to start? There are so many people out there that want to get in to photography but are put off because of a lack of knowledge about the field. If you need a helping hand in getting involved in amateur photography then we have some tips to help. Photography may seem like a complex art but with the right information it can be really simple. Here are the top tips for beginners:

1.      Keep the Camera Close

Many amateur photographers will extend their arms and keep the camera away from them. But contrary to popular belief, that won’t help you get the best snaps. This is because it can destabilise your posture, reducing image sharpness. If you hold the camera close then your images will be much sharper.

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2.      Make Use of the Timer

If you press a button and the picture is taken instantly, it can result in blurry images. This is because it causes unwanted movements. Even the smallest of movements can result in a less than optimal image. If you set your camera to take the photo a couple of seconds after you’ve pressed the button then you have time to get back in to position.

3.      Use Flash during Daylight

You may be thinking this is a bit of a strange tip, but it really can help. Using flash during daylight can help improve images. This is because it can help deal with unexpected natural light disturbing your photograph. If you are photographing against a very bright light this can be a particularly helpful tip.

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4.      Use Your Legs!

The zoom function on a camera can be a great tool, but unfortunately it takes away from the overall quality of the photo. If you do want to get a close up, then use your legs. Take a couple steps and then take the ideal shot.

5.      Vary Your Angles/Positions

One of the biggest problems you will see with amateur photography is that people can be set in their ways. They will stick to the angles and positions that they know. But the only way to grow as a photographer is by trying out different angles and positions.

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6.      Learn How to Edit Photos

Some people can be put of the more technical side of photography. But photo editing is fun in its own right. Sitting down and looking at all the images you have taken is satisfying. What is even more satisfying is being able to edit them to make them look even better.

7.      Do Some Research

There is a lot of information on photography out there. Use it. You can read different peoples experiences, theories and more online. The better your knowledge of photography, the more enjoyable it will be at the end of the day.

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